Thursday, August 2, 2007

i heart this couch found at here at urbanoutfitters. i don't think the price is right, but i sure do like it. very sleek and totally 60's. the white would not work so well with rilo and kiley (my kittens) as they shed excessively most of the time. but with some pillows sewn by my husqvarna, it could turn into a relatively inexpensive essential for the living room that i do not have yet.

speaking of sewing machines, have you ever noticed that those who sell sewing machines are very set in their mind that their sewing machine is the only and the best. there are two places i go for fabric and notions and each sell different companies and machines. i hear at one place i can't do a certain stitch because i don't have a pfaff and then i hear that i can do anything because i have a husqvarna. it makes me laugh.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


i really like these recipe cards. i can't really cook, but i have a few recipes that i write down which are precious to me. right now, i write them on colored 3x5 cards, and it's really not doing it for me. i've recently asked my fiance to make some for me because his work is incredible...maybe i can convince him to buy me these though. there's only one in stock! find them at here at etsy.

my favorite recipe is my deviled eggs. i think i made it up, but i have a secret ingredient even my ma doesn't know about. i use to make her leave the room when i put it in. i found a great plate on ebay.