Thursday, March 6, 2008


my intent was to keep up with this again, but i needed a new flash card because the old one got scratched. anyways, here is some fabric i got from my mom recently. she's been stashing away fabric she would find at garage sales and rummage sales for years. she also hasn't sewed anything for years because her hands can't handle the work anymore. she gave me SO MUCH fabric, i can't keep it all straight! some of it is really old, i'm talking authentic feed sack fabric. most of it are small pieces, basically scraps, but i just ADORE the patterns!

aren't these little mushrooms to die for!? sorry for the poor quality, i took this at night, oh and i suck at taking pictures too. there is a ton more, but i haven't washed and pressed it all yet. i've never made a quilt before, but i must learn!